Wine Dabbler Or True Wine Hopper-Which Word Best Describes You?


The title says it all. Do you tend to occasionally visit only one or two nearby wineries? If so, you should expand your horizons! Between NC Wine Hopper and VA Wine Hopper, there are over 500 wineries, shops and restaurants (serving the state’s wines) listed. Our goal is to turn everyone into true wine hoppers. These mobile apps are available for free from your app store, so install by looking up the app name or tapping on the links below.

Install NC Wine Hopper Android iOS

Install VA Wine Hopper Android iOS

NY Wine Hopper Journey Has Begun


This is true. The long journey of creating the NY Wine Hopper database has begun. Over the next few months we will be building the database of New York wineries, shops and restaurants (serving NY wines) with the goal of releasing the NY Wine Hopper mobile app. This app, like NC Wine Hopper and VA Wine Hopper, will be available free for Android and iOS tablet and phone devices.

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New Wine Hopper Mobile Apps Release


NC Wine Hopper and VA Wine Hopper Android versions have been released as of the afternoon of July 27th. The iOS versions are in review and should be available for update by the 29th.

The updates are:

  • Trivia module has been added to the search screen
  • Video walkthrough has been updated
  • App is now locked into portrait mode

Wine Hopper Trip Planning


Have you planned a vacation and later wondered what you actually achieved during that time? For the wine enthusiast, Wine Hopper Mobile Apps provide an excellent trip planning resource.

Let’s say you are planning to stay a week in Loudoun County, VA (or Yadkin County, NC). You are a true wine hopper, so the vacation is centered around tasting the best wines, ciders and other offerings of the nearby vineyards. This is where the VA Wine Hopper mobile app will help!

Select a search by Location to Destination, 25 miles is an excellent driving distance. Next you choose Delaplane Cellars as your starting location. Clicking Show Me reveals that there are 6 wineries within a 25 mile radius, located in Delaplane, Berryville, Middleburg, Waterford and Purcellville.

Another option is to pick an area that you know is saturated with wineries and search by mileage using a radius of 10/25/50 miles after arriving at your destination. When searching by mileage, the listings will show the closest first and expand farther as you move down the list.

NC Wine Hopper VA Wine Hopper Enhanced Layout

va wine hopper enhanced

For those who are detail oriented, you may have noticed a disabled item in Settings – Enhanced Winery Listing. In the next release of the VA Wine Hopper and NC Wine Hopper apps, this selection will be active.

I am listening to user feedback. It was reported that the icons are hard to see and the text is a bit tough to read. For those with excellent eyesight, this is probably not a concern. Others will appreciate the larger icons and fonts presented in this view.

The targeted availability date across both apps and platforms is July 20, 2019.

VA Wine Hopper For Android

VAWineHopper app image

Yes, it is finally here! The Android store has made the VA Wine Hopper app available for the world. Install today from Google Play. The features of this mobile app are:

  • Search by Name, County, Region
  • Search by mileage radius from your current location 10/25/50
  • Search by mileage radius from your selected destination 10/25
  • View City/Region,Phone/Type,City/County,Phone/County or default City/Type
  • Keep personal ratings and notes for each winery, shop or restaurant
  • Dial the winery. phone or restaurant with a tap on their picture
  • View web site, social media and ratings for each item within the app
  • Video walkthrough available within the Help screen