New York Wine Hopper Is Finally Available


Release of the NY Wine Hopper mobile app has been a struggle due to Microsoft updates that were put in place. The issues caused by those updates have finally been ironed out and the free app is available from Google Play or Apple Store.

If your search for “NY Wine Hopper” is unsuccessful in the app store, it can be installed from the link on the Wine Hopper Mobile Apps web page.

Now for even better news – We have mobile app updates coming for NC Wine Hopper, VA Wine Hopper and NY Wine Hopper. These updates will include additional categories for the listings – Distillery, Meadery and Cidery along with the ability to include businesses that have chosen to offer specific combinations of these.

My favorite example of this is the winery that also offers gin. If you are a North Carolina wine hopper, you may already know the name of the winery. Take a minute or two to think about it.

Did you come up with it yet?

How about now?

Okay, I guess you have had enough time. That would be Cape Fear Winery (and Distillery) which includes Maritime Gin. Honestly, when I think of gin my mind goes to Otis sneaking his bottle of homemade gin into the Mayberry jail (fans of the Andy Griffith Show will recognize this reference). Maritime gin is many steps (and decades) away from this. With a hint of citrus flavor, Maritime gin makes for an enjoyable straight shot or mixed gin drink.

New York Wine Hopper

We are getting close to the release of New York Wine Hopper. The update of NC Wine Hopper and VA Wine Hopper is coming soon after that.

The New York database count of wineries, meaderies, distilleries, shops and restaurants is 388. Yes, you have read correctly, the wine hopper mobile apps are changing along with state laws which give more leniency to include distilling spirits as a normal function.

Because of that, we are planning to have the option to include meaderies and distilleries in the selection criteria. Currently, you can choose winery, shop or restaurant to include in the list. Before the end of 2019, we hope to add meadery and distillery to that list along with the ability to combine those selection options.

NY Wine Hopper Update


Are you impatiently awaiting the release of the NY Wine Hopper mobile app? If so, patience is a virtue. With that overused statement behind us, is there anything positive to report?

Yes, fortunately, there is. The database supporting New York Wine Hopper on iOS and Android is growing nicely. There are approximately 100 more database entries to be entered with fewer than half of the regions remaining to be populated. The anticipated total number of wineries, distilleries, meaderies, restaurants and shops is expected to be around 350.

That’s not all of the information we have to share! The expected release timeframe for Android and iOS availability is mid-October. This will give you plenty of time to use the app to plan your end of year wine hopping adventures.

NY Wine Hopper Mobile App Picture Has Been Selected


Although the NY Wine Hopper app is due out early 2020, the perfect picture for the app has arrived. See the winery picture attached to this post for a preview of what is coming in just a few months. You heard correctly, since we’re in the middle of August that means 2020 is just over four months away.

The features of NY Wine Hopper Mobile App are:

  • Search by Name, County, Region
  • Search by mileage radius from your current location 10/25/50
  • Search by mileage radius from your selected destination 30/60
  • View City/Region,Phone/Type,City/County,Phone/County or default City/Type
  • Keep personal ratings and notes for each winery, shop or restaurant
  • Dial the winery. phone or restaurant with a tap on their picture
  • View web site, social media and reviews for each item within the app
  • Video walkthrough available within the Help screen
  • Wine trivia available on the home screen, covering all states and wine tips

Install NC Wine Hopper AndroidiOS Install VA Wine Hopper AndroidiOS

Wine Dabbler Or True Wine Hopper-Which Word Best Describes You?


The title says it all. Do you tend to occasionally visit only one or two nearby wineries? If so, you should expand your horizons! Between NC Wine Hopper and VA Wine Hopper, there are over 500 wineries, shops and restaurants (serving the state’s wines) listed. Our goal is to turn everyone into true wine hoppers. These mobile apps are available for free from your app store, so install by looking up the app name or tapping on the links below.

Install NC Wine Hopper Android iOS

Install VA Wine Hopper Android iOS

NY Wine Hopper Journey Has Begun


This is true. The long journey of creating the NY Wine Hopper database has begun. Over the next few months we will be building the database of New York wineries, shops and restaurants (serving NY wines) with the goal of releasing the NY Wine Hopper mobile app. This app, like NC Wine Hopper and VA Wine Hopper, will be available free for Android and iOS tablet and phone devices.

Follow our Facebook page to keep up with this amazing journey and encourage us with comments about how our apps have enhanced your wine hopping experience.