Wine Hopper App Improvements Coming

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Do you get the feeling that things are always changing? Hopefully these continual changes are for the better.

Well, the NC Wine Hopper app is growing again with these improvements in the works. Check out the list of items and let us know if these will help you to transition from a wine dabbler into a true wine hopper.

  • Individual ratings and notes for each winery – You will have an option to give your own rating of 1-5 along with notes made to help you recall why you gave the rating. This could grow even more with the ability to share the rating and notes with other users, but that is already being done with the review sites available through the app.
  • Select wineries within a certain distance from your location – You have the ability to display wineries within a region or county. You can also enter a partial name to display matching wineries. This option will allow viewing of all wineries within 10, 25 or 50 miles of your current location.
  • NC wine trivia – The database is being built now with questions including interesting details about NC wineries, tasting tips and wine details. Once there are enough questions, this will be added to the app for your regular education and enjoyment.
  • VA Wine Hopper – Yes, you read this correctly. The beginnings of the Virginia database are in the development phase. Once the database has been populated with the multitude of wineries located within the state of Virginia, a second Wine Hopper app will be released to the public.

If you haven’t tried the app, look up “NC Wine Hopper” in your app store. This is available for Android or iOS, so you can download and enjoy you wine hopping experience.

Feel free to let us know if we are missing wineries, shops or restaurants serving NC wines. We also look forward to hearing from you about any improvements for the NC Wine Hopper app. Email with your suggestions.

NC Wine Hopper Cards

ncwinehopper card

As you visit wineries, you may see these cards. If you are not getting the full wine hopper experience using the app, be sure to take a card and download the app at your convenience for Android or iPhone. Be sure to pass it along to your wine hopper friends in order to better enrich their connections to NC wineries, shops and restaurants (serving NC wines).

NC Wine Hopper Available For Testing

Yes, it is finally available for closed testing on Android! If you have Android devices and would like to install the beta version of our app, send an email to and include your GMail address. The Apple beta release is currently being worked on and expected to be available by April 13.

Features included so far are:

  • Select by name / region / County
  • Choose only wineries / shops / restaurants
  • Choose only tours / tastings
  • Single tap for phone number dialing
  • Single tap for web site
  • Single tap for social media sites (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Single tap for reviews and mapping (Google Maps, Yelp, TripAdvisor)
  • Help page to explain how to use the app
NC Wine Hopper winery listing
NC Wine Hopper winery listing for Piedmont region
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NC Wine Hopper browsing Facebook
NC Wine Hopper winery web site
NC Wine Hopper browsing winery web site
NC Wine Hopper Yelp reviews
NC Wine Hopper browsing Yelp reviews
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About NC Wine Hopper

One Giant Leap … coming soon

Have you ever worked on a project and received a great deal of satisfaction from one specific accomplishment tied to that project? We have had one of those moments in the NCWineHopper app. All of the APIs are properly feeding our data and it is time to set up the cross-platform app and add an excellent user interface to the app.

The end result will be a truly unique app for the wine connoisseur which is available for both Android and Apple users. Coming soon …