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This project was started as three separate apps with listings of wineries alone and then meaderies and cideries were added.

In the entrepreneurial spirit, we didn’t want to lose all of the work committed to building and maintaining the database of wineries, meaderies and distilleries spanning NC to NY. It was this desire that kept the idea of rebirth as a web page at the forefront. Finally distilleries we’re included and states are merged together into a single database. Then the name Wet Your Whistle was used. Maybe WetYourWhistle.app domain will be used at a later date.

Although this user experience is still in its infancy, more features and functions will be added rather quickly. Features and goals are

  • Search by approximate mileage from your current location
  • Map your route to the destination
  • Wine-Mead-Distillery pics and descriptions based on our visits

Check back often to grow with us!!!!