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Let’s make a generic statement for you to decide if it is correct – “the beach is an awesome place that appeals to all of the senses.” Of course, some may replace the first couple of words with “the mountains,” “the theme park,” or even “the bar.” Now that we have gotten that argument out of the way, let’s explore why the beach may be an awesome place.

Yes, it appeals to the senses of sight, sound, and smell. Look at the waves crashing to the shore and those whitecaps created. Try to have a long distance conversation over the sounds made by those waves. Hear the seagulls as they circle overhead looking for food in the water and on land. Smell the salt air as you walk along the beach looking for sand dollars or that elusively beautiful shell that is always being dragged back into the surf before it can be captured. So how does all of this apply to wineries, distilleries and meaderies? It won’t take a lengthy drive from the beach to discover the answer to that question.

We hop in our favorite beach vehicle and drive over to Budleigh street to find Outer Banks Distilling. Of course, we have called before to schedule a tour of their distillery accompanied by a tasting at the end. We get to experience unique instruments such as “the distilling tower” shown at the left. Samples are taken from each of the portholes shown to determine when the batch ahs reached the proper proof level.

Near the end of the tour we get to see the storage barrels where the rum is aged to perfection.

Now we move on to the tasting room to experience the many rum flavors created by Outer Banks Distilling along with their famous rum balls.

Don’t forget to purchase your favorite flavors of rum from their store before leaving. If it is your lucky day they may even happen to have some rum soaked pecans available. During the tour they will entrance you with the ability to recycle almost everything used in processing their adult beverages. From the leftovers turned into pig feed to the previously mentioned rum soaked pecans, these guys have kept our environment at the forefront in designing their rum processing.

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