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Let’s pose a question – where can you go for excellent wine in Wilmington, NC? When searching for a place that actually produces and ages their own wine would you think of a “strip mall?” I thought so, neither did we, but there is a gem hiding among the storefronts and it is available to all who can divert attention from the Wilmington traffic of Eastwood Road.

Upon entering, you will notice interesting items such as their chandelier and the many award winning wines shown behind the tasting bar. Take a seat and your hostess will present the interesting history behind the name, Noni Bacca Winery.

Their tasting room has some truly interesting decor like the wine crusher fruit basket shown here. As you walk around the winery, there is a “special room” which you can’t take pictures of. That would be where they craft the fine wines and also give classes on creating your own wine.

Before leaving Noni Bacca, be sure to browse through the many paintings by their owner, Toni (Noni) Incorvaia. At the left, you will see an excellent sunset beach scene. Claim your own artwork at an excellent price.

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