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We will start with a truly interesting question – what do you expect to find when visiting a winery or distillery? Would you expect to find a body of water on the property, animals, maybe even artwork? Yes, you will find all of these and a lot more at Cape Fear Winery and Distillery.

Would you expect to see a working still? Probably so, since this is also home to Cape Fear Distillery which produces gin, rum, bourbon and whiskey. Would you expect that it had once been an operating still from a local moonshiner? Probably not, but that is the type of history told when participating in a tour here.

Would you expect to see something as unique as a chandelier made of wine glasses? I must admit that out of the many wineries, distilleries and meaderies visited over many years, I have never before seen such a chandelier.

Would you ever think you would come across a sculpture of a frog creating a painting? Well, you certainly will see that here, along with a penguin willing to work for refrigeration, and a frog mowing grass. Along with all of this, we have what could be considered a full zoo with ponies, llamas, peacocks and many other animals.

How about a Hollywood museum? Yes, the owner of Cape Fear Winery and Distillery has a huge collection of memorabilia from stars of movies and music on display for your enjoyment. From an adult pleasures standpoint, you can spend a night or two in their cabins, have a wonderful meal in The Cork Room, partake of their large wine offerings and then take home your choice of distilled items.

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