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“A hidden gem in the heart of the Yadkin Valley, NC with quite a story to tell.”

The quote above is taken from their web page and it certainly describes our experience at Elkin. The first discovery was made in the NC Wine Guide. We thought that a brick-oven pizza sounded interesting and found it even more intriguing that you have to call ahead to reserve your doughball. Coupling the pizza with a full wine tasting rounded out the visit quite excellently.

On our first visit, we asked about nearby places to stay since we like to support local small businesses. The answer happened to be “right here.” We made reservations to stay at one of their cabins for our next visit and were told to turn left on the way off of the Elkin property and take a look around one that was unoccupied.

The gentle sounds of nearby Elkin Creek are the first thing you hear when approaching the cabins. From the outside, a rustic appearance helps them to blend well with the piedmont atmosphere. This appearance also leads to lowered expectations of what may be found inside. Of course, that lowered expectation was discovered to be unwarranted as we see completely modern amenities such as a full kitchen, fireplace and back porch.

Whether writing blogs or a book, I highly recommend the early morning sitting on the back porch of any of their cabins. The sound of the birds and running creek are soothing and thought-provoking as you search for the best words to describe any situation.

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