New York Wine Hopper Is Finally Available

Release of the NY Wine Hopper mobile app has been a struggle due to Microsoft updates that were put in place. The issues caused by those updates have finally been ironed out and the free app is available from Google Play or Apple Store.

If your search for “NY Wine Hopper” is unsuccessful in the app store, it can be installed from the link on the Wine Hopper Mobile Apps web page.

Now for even better news – We have mobile app updates coming for NC Wine Hopper, VA Wine Hopper and NY Wine Hopper. These updates will include additional categories for the listings – Distillery, Meadery and Cidery along with the ability to include businesses that have chosen to offer specific combinations of these.

My favorite example of this is the winery that also offers gin. If you are a North Carolina wine hopper, you may already know the name of the winery. Take a minute or two to think about it.

Did you come up with it yet?

How about now?

Okay, I guess you have had enough time. That would be Cape Fear Winery (and Distillery) which includes Maritime Gin. Honestly, when I think of gin my mind goes to Otis sneaking his bottle of homemade gin into the Mayberry jail (fans of the Andy Griffith Show will recognize this reference). Maritime gin is many steps (and decades) away from this. With a hint of citrus flavor, Maritime gin makes for an enjoyable straight shot or mixed gin drink.

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