Wine Hopper Trip Planning

Have you planned a vacation and later wondered what you actually achieved during that time? For the wine enthusiast, Wine Hopper Mobile Apps provide an excellent trip planning resource.

Let’s say you are planning to stay a week in Loudoun County, VA (or Yadkin County, NC). You are a true wine hopper, so the vacation is centered around tasting the best wines, ciders and other offerings of the nearby vineyards. This is where the VA Wine Hopper mobile app will help!

Select a search by Location to Destination, 25 miles is an excellent driving distance. Next you choose Delaplane Cellars as your starting location. Clicking Show Me reveals that there are 6 wineries within a 25 mile radius, located in Delaplane, Berryville, Middleburg, Waterford and Purcellville.

Another option is to pick an area that you know is saturated with wineries and search by mileage using a radius of 10/25/50 miles after arriving at your destination. When searching by mileage, the listings will show the closest first and expand farther as you move down the list.

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