New Android Features Released

The anticipated features are here – in the Android version, at least. They are:

  • Mileage from your location to the winery, shop or restaurant – mileage is approximate, use your favorite mapping program for actual driving mileage and time
  • Settings which will enable selection of the details displayed on the winery page, such as City/Region, Phone/Type, City/County, Phone/County
  • Individual notes and rating for each winery, shop and restaurant.
  • if you are on iOS, as it seems 2/3 of the users are, these changes will be available for you soon
NC Wine Hopper consolidated winery view
This is a view that illustrates the five views available based on the settings you select. I can say that I hope you will never see a screen that looks like this, but after many decades of programming I have discovered that anything is truly possible with computers.
NC Wine Hopper settings display
This is a screenshot representing the settings options used to create the screenshot above. You can choose one of the “Display” options or flip all of them off to show the original City/Type view. The Enhanced Winery Listing is currently disabled, but will be available soon.

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