Latest Updates In Progress For NC Wine Hopper App

Personal notes, distance to each location and even more …

These items are being finalized and hopefully in place this weekend. The screenshot above shows the mileage from your location to each winery, shop or restaurant shown.

What is not shown here is the options screen which is also in development. It takes time to calculate the distances, so there will also be an option to disable distance calculation, among other options you will have.

I am still trying to get enough NC Wine trivia questions, so send me some interesting and unique (but verifiable) facts about NC wineries and owners. A couple of interesting facts included so far are – “Q: She is an airborne pilot and he is a jumper, which winery do they own? A: Rockfish Creek” and “Q: Their reception hall has two chandeliers, each made with 154 wine glasses A:Cape Fear”

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