Our Database Is Growing (sadly shrinking soon by one)

Let’s start with the bad news first – Adams Family Vineyard is closing at the end of June. We learned this on one of our recent wine hopping trips which began at Adams and included Cloer. Good news there, though, Pam and Tam are enjoying the winery and the crowds that gather for tastings and events in Apex.

Yes, our database is actively being updated as we hear of new wineries opening and winemakers who are retiring (closing up shop). Wine Hopping for this weekend produced many new contacts and the addition of quite a few restaurants and shops. The contact page is working as designed with the addition of Pleb Urban winery today at the request of Lauren.

Have you come across a winery that we don’t have in the NC Wine Hopper app? Were you in a restaurant or shop that sells NC wines? If it is a “local joint” that sells NC wines, we want to list it. Feel free to help us grow the app, while spreading the word to all of your friends, followers (and even enemies) so we can turn average wine dabblers into NC wine hoppers.

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