NC Wine Hopper, Thanks For The Suggestions

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And thanks for the patience also. I had a couple of people expect some kind of activity indicator while things were loading. As the programmer of the app, it didn’t really bother me to watch for 20+ seconds while the Piedmont region loaded. Others took the white screen as a program lock up. Now an activity spinner has been added so that you know that something is going on.

I was also told of a few counties that were entered incorrectly. Thanks for the feedback.

Up next, I have plans to add NC Wine trivia and a distance selection for loading wineries. The database and screen design work for the trivia will probably be much lighter than the routines required to calculate distance, but both are in the works.

Download, use and enjoy your NC Wine Hopping trips.

Excellent News for iPhone Users

Apple cares about your security! You knew this already from recent news coverage that they won’t even give the federal government access to a confiscated iPhone.

North Carolina wineries also care about your security. There are 143 wineries, restaurants and shops listed in the NC Wine Hopper app and 77 of them have a secure site. For those without a quick mental math approach, that is more than 50%. If you are not up-to-date on current technology, it is time for a bit of a high level explanation.

If you are browsing a site and do not see HTTPS in the address bar, it will display HTTP instead,

HTTPS means that it is a secure site. Notice the green lock on the left side. But what does this really mean? Well, it means that all communications with that site (sent to and received from) are verified (yes, even the pictures). Have you sent a contact form or ordered a product from a web site and then received strange emails and other things that were totally unrelated? Maybe the site wasn’t truly secure!

Here is an analogy that I have heard regarding secure web sites.

Think about your home with the locks and doors that were installed for your security. In this day and time we wouldn’t dream of leaving the house unlocked overnight. When visiting a web site you should experience as much security as possible in this online world.

If you are an iPhone user on the NC Wine Hopper app, you will notice that some web sites will load in the app browser while others will display a message instead. Apple will only allow apps on the app store to load secure sites, and regular web browsers are also moving in that direction. Once non-secure sites are rejected by all browsers, many businesses that haven’t invested in a secure site will no longer have a web presence.

Now, it is time to perform due diligence for our parent company. If you are one of those remaining 66 wineries, restaurants and shops without a secure site (or anyone with technology assistance needs), Link Em Up LLC can help. We can assist in purchasing an SSL certificate to apply to your current site, redesign your site with a secure certificate and even host your site ourselves. Email if you need assistance.

NC Wine Hopper Cards

ncwinehopper card

As you visit wineries, you may see these cards. If you are not getting the full wine hopper experience using the app, be sure to take a card and download the app at your convenience for Android or iPhone. Be sure to pass it along to your wine hopper friends in order to better enrich their connections to NC wineries, shops and restaurants (serving NC wines).

NC Wine Hopper Available For Testing

Yes, it is finally available for closed testing on Android! If you have Android devices and would like to install the beta version of our app, send an email to and include your GMail address. The Apple beta release is currently being worked on and expected to be available by April 13.

Features included so far are:

  • Select by name / region / County
  • Choose only wineries / shops / restaurants
  • Choose only tours / tastings
  • Single tap for phone number dialing
  • Single tap for web site
  • Single tap for social media sites (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Single tap for reviews and mapping (Google Maps, Yelp, TripAdvisor)
  • Help page to explain how to use the app
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