Noni Bacca Winery – Award Winning Wines and They Teach You To Make Your Own

I am fairly certain that we have all experienced good and bad winery visits. Many of the things that create the type of experience include personality, knowledge and atmosphere.

At Noni Bacca, they have all of this which combined for an excellent wine tasting visit. The descriptions given were “mostly dry other than the fruit and dessert wines. I guess the adjective “dry” applied to a wine is based solely upon individual taste.

I would describe the wines we tasted as leaning more toward “semi-sweet” than dry. We tasted their Riesling, Sangiovese, Cucidati, Peach Splash, Cherub and Porta Caffe Coffee Port. All of those are medal winners as shown below (with their descriptions).

  • Riesling (Chilean grape) Bronze
  • Sangiovese (California grape) Silver and 8x Bronze
  • Cucidati (Italian Fig Cookie wine) 2x Silver and 3x Bronze
  • Peach Splash (Chardonnay with peach) Gold, 2x Silver and Bronze
  • Cherub (Pinot Noir with Black Cherry) Bronze
  • Porta Caffe Coffee Port (Coffee flavored dessert wine) Double Gold, Silver and Bronze

Depending on which timeframe their material is from, you will see an award count in the range of 150s to over 180. That is an impressive display of medal winners, with over sixty varieties of wine offered in their winery.

Do you want to make your own wine? Yes, they will teach you how to do it at home or in their store. You can even create a custom label to give your vino creation as gifts to friends and family.

Occasionally you will come across a winery owner who is skilled in other areas. Noni’s “other job” is painting. She has quality paintings available at the winery and we purchased the sunset painting shown above. Yes, the price was right!

I would highly recommend stopping in to visit Noni Bacca winery any time you are close to Wilmington. If you would like to contact them to verify hours or set up your own wine making class, their web site is and they are available on Facebook.

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