Lots Of Fun In An Out-Of-The-Way Place – A Secret Garden Winery

The experiences of life are shaped by the people and animals involved. We visited A Secret Garden Winery in Pikeville and were delighted to see Linda Wall-Hall and her beagle, Lady.

First, we hopped on the golf cart and toured her vines, koi pond and Martin homes. Next up was our tasting. The wines here a fully organic; which means, among other things, that there are no sulfides added at the end of the production process. The result is a wine that continues the fermentation process after bottling.

My favorite wines at A Secret Garden are made from fruit. I am sure that we have all experienced wines that are “fruit infused.” Adding peach juice to a bottle of semi-sweet white wine gives a hint of flavor and an enhanced wine drinking experience. Let’s consider the pleasure that can be experienced with a wine fully made from peaches. No infusion here, this is the real deal. The usual offerings are strawberry, blueberry and peach depending on season and availability. As Linda said, you can make wine from almost any fruit so additional fruit wines may occasionally be available.

How do you like your wine – sweet, semi-sweet, dry? All of these types are offered at A Secret Garden. We tasted different vintage years of varietals such as Mary Rose Red, a wine that has won competition awards. We also tried Golden Harvest in variations ranging from sweet to dry.Do you watch Flavor NC on your local PBS station? If so, you may have seen the winery edition that included A Secret Garden Winery and the poem that Linda wrote. You can view their winery episodes on our site.

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