It’s A Soap Opera Mystery At Duplin Winery

Yes, we enjoy attending events at Duplin Winery, as should all patrons of the arts. If you have never been to a Duplin Murder Mystery presentation, make plans to go and purchase the tickets months in advance. This will become the standard to compare all others against.

The title for last night’s event was “Fan Of The Soap Opera” and the setting was a cast rehearsal for “All My Days And Restless Nights On The Edge Of Oblivion.” Yes, it was truly fun to listen to many of the cast members roll that full title many times throughout the play. For the dimwitted character, Tiffany Topaz, it was only “Oblivion” because she could never remember the name of the show that she was on.

You get to name your detective agency, our was “Queen Anne’s Revenge” and win a prize of your team is the first to solve the mystery with the correct suspect and motive. Our table approached this with a plan and exacted our revenge by winning the prize – Duplin’s “Going Coastal.”

The acting troupe presenting this is called It’s A Mystery out of Raleigh. They have at least twelve different mysteries, all written by Suzanne Arrington who played Charlotte Queensbury last night. The best part of the experience is that all of their presentations are original to that venue.

Want to attend the next Murder Mystery presentation at Duplin? Sorry, it’s sold out. This is April and the July presentation in three months is sold out. For those who are ready to get in on the action as soon as possible, you can attend tastings prior to July 28 and a bus group may happen to have cancelled and released some tickets. Then again, you can go ahead and purchase tickets for the show in August or two in October while they are still available.

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